The Wring



Your commitment becomes you, no passing fancy
You stay so focused while the heathens get antsy

Don’t mind your history, every day is written new
Atrocity’s relative, just semantics to you

Hold your faith just like a gun
Casting stones at everyone
Tireless (Tired) servant of the father

Digging holes that fill back in
Waging wars you just can’t win
Wonder why you even bother

1. Leading lambs into the slaughter
2. Drown in holy water

So many flavours, seems such a waste
Same old fashioned genocide, all a matter of taste

Bound by the cause, held in its thrall
Fearing no evil, cause you beckon to its call


The earth revolves around the sun
I can’t believe there is just One
Looking down on me and everyone

I trust the math, I trust the genes
I trust the ways of chemistry
Don’t look for magic where there’s none

Don’t sell me god, don’t sell me faith
I just don’t buy the leap it takes
My logic bends under the weight

So many books, so many fakes
So many dead, blood on the page
Just so hard to see it straight

Don’t need a revelation