The Wring



Throwing rocks at a sleeping tiger, boldly in his view,
Thinking you’re invincible, you know it’s nothing new

Like trying to stop a train that’s rolling down the track
Winter’s here, daylight’s gone, our world is turning black

Down…. Keep on digging deeper
Down to a darker place
Down… Now your best friend is the Reaper
Now we’re looking in the demon’s face

We spend all our time building kingdoms of one
A thousand little towers that all add up to none

We all want to be the only voice in the town
But all we end up doing is burning the whole thing down


Frozen in time, clutching photos of our past
Revelling in glory, vicarious at best

Don’t want to be reminded of our fathers’ flaws
Any more than we want to admit
That we’re all just clutching at straws