The Wring

Northern Ontario Rock


Everyone is unknown to someone. Otherwise, why would Tool need a Bio page…?

The Wring is a 4-piece band from Northern Ontario, Canada.

Our music would not be possible without references. So we thank Rush for making everything ok back in 1976. We thank Metallica for firing Dave Mustaine; a world without Megadeth would have been unimaginably desolate. We thank Mikael Akerfeldt for deciding that it is entirely proper to mix unlikely intervals and articulation with traditional ‘metal’. We thank the 80’s for Dan. We thank Brann, Troy, Bill & Brent for the new millennium.

There are so many more.

Listen to our music.

The Wring is guitar, bass, drums and vocals. There are 10 or 15 seconds of piano which does not bear mentioning. There are a handful of crazy sounds and effects courtesy of our bass alchemist. No computers. Vocals and harmonies are all just as recorded. No auto tune. We don’t really know how to do that.

We are going to play some shows. Hopefully you’ll come and watch. But for now…

Listen to our music.  iTunes, CD Baby, Sonicbids